Learning agreement and study plan

How to fill in your Learning Agreement (LA) 

Before your arrival, you must fill in your LA, in agreement with the exchange Coordinator at your home institution, who will approve the acquired credits after your return. 

The University of Bologna can manage the Online Learning Agreement with the exchange of data via EWP (Erasmus Without Paper).
Check directly with your home University if they manage the Online Learning Agreement via EWP and follow their guidelines for accessing the online platform and fill it out.
After presenting your Online Learning Agreement, it will be automatically received by the reference office of your field of study or Campus for the dedicated check, approval and signature. In case of refusal, you will be notified via email and  you will have to make the needed changes, repeating the procedure.

If your home university does not manage yet the Online Learning Agreement via EWP, you have to fill it out in .pdf format and upload it on your personal AlmaRM page. You can ask the template directly to your home University or download it from the dedicated page of the European Commission. The Learning Agreement will be checked, approved and signed and you will then be able to download it in pdf. In case of refusal, you will be notified via email and  you will have to make the needed changes, repeating the procedure on AlmaRM.

More information about your LA 

Choose the course units in the UNIBO Course Unit Catalogue

Check UNIBO educational offer in the Course Unit Catalogue. As an incoming Erasmus student, you can choose any course units in the catalogue.

There is not a maximum amount of credits you can acquire. However, you must: 

  • Choose at least 1 course unit at the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. The course unit must be included in the “area” ‘Languages and Literatures, Interpreting and Translation” and in “Campus” “Bologna”. 
  • Choose only active course units: they are indicated in ‘blue’ in the Course Unit Catalogue. Course units in ‘black’ are not active. 

If you attend lessons, we recommend choosing course units taught within Bologna campus because it will be easier for you to take part in them.
Other Unibo campuses are in the cities of Forlì, Cesena, Rimini, and Ravenna, which are between 30 and 60 minutes away by train from Bologna. 

If you come for one semester only, you can choose only course units running in that semester. You cannot select courses from previous/later semesters. 

After deciding your course units, fill in your LA by writing the corresponding Unibo code (five digits before the course title) for each course unit, the semester when it runs, and the number of credits. 

For questions about filling in the LA: contact the LILEC International Mobility Office

For questions on course unit contents, contact the coordinator of your Erasmus exchange at Unibo (indicated in your AlmaRM profile).


How to fill in your study plan 

After your check in and the approval of your Learning Agreement, you must fill in your study plan in Studenti OnLine (SOL). 

Your LA and study plan must list the same course units. 

You do not need to enroll in course units; you can attend lessons freely. You may want to inform the teacher of the course unit of your presence as an exchange student. 

How to fill in your online study plan 


How to modify your Learning Agreement and Study plan 

If any version of your Learning Agreement (LA) is rejected, you will receive a message from AlmaRM with details on how to change it. 

To modify your LA, follow the instructions you have received (in the Guide) and upload the modified version of your LA to AlmaRM. The offices will check it and, if it is approved, they will sign and re-upload it. 

Course unit times and syllabus might change shortly before or after the lessons start. If you have already uploaded your LA and you want to change it, it is better if you wait a few weeks after the lessons start to upload the new LA version to AlmaRM. 

As an incoming Erasmus student, you can modify your LA for maximum 3 times. 

You must make any change to your LA always in accordance with your home University Coordinator. 

Please note: both your LA and study plan must list the same course units. If you upload a modified version of your LA, remember that you must update your study plan accordingly. 

You can modify your study plan in Studenti OnLine (SOL) during the time frame indicated in the website of each Bachelor’s or Master’s degree taught at LILEC: go to the website, click on ‘STUDIARE’, then click on ‘Compilare il piano di studi’, and check the dates during which you can change your study plan. 

Students staying for Semester I only can change their study plan only in Autumn. 

Students staying for Semester II only can change their study plan only in Spring. 

Students staying for the whole year can change their study plan both in Autumn and in Spring.